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Hello and Welcome to all our new members.

Summer is almost upon us and I was wondering what plans all of you have for your summer :relax:

Mine will probably be filled with reading and research and perchance some writing on the side.

:bulletblue: As some of you might have noticed when viewing our gallery, there is a section there called FEATURED This section will be taken over by yours truly.
Weekly I will pick one poem of merit from among the many poems submitted each week and feature it in the journal and gallery as well as in my own personal journal. (This is to whet your appetites for excellence) =D

:bulletred: MEMBERS SHOULD NOTE... </i> A very important rule I would like to remind everyone of: PoetsClub has set up a "One Poem Per Day" limit to your submissions and I know some of you somehow are still able to submit more than one entry for consideration. I will ask you to please not do so and I would like to point out... that the excess poems are denied without even being read.  Why, you may well ask; simply because of the volume of poems submitted for consideration.

:bulletgreen: I will leave it up to Mattiello to let you all know about any contests or prompts we might be having over the summer...  

I do hope everyone has a great week and happy writings to all!

~ Amber
Goosequillian Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hail, Amber,

In July I shall be betaking myself unto the Hungarian sylvanries whereat million'd wayfarings are fervidly await'd. Alas, there is a swart blee darkening upon the fore-expect'd joyance however, and that bechanceth to be the banefully hot clime. As a Greenlander I am incapable of withstanding high temperature but its lower depths. Be that as it mote, I already yearn to be taken unto Mother Nature's bosom, for 'tis her enfoldment whither I belong.

Warm regards,
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